Williams™ Fire Sight Set For Desert Eagle Fiber Optic - 70996

Brand: Williams

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Williams™ Fire Sight Set For Desert Eagle Fiber Optic

The Williams™ 70996 Fire Sight is specifically designed to fit the Desert Eagle. Williams™ Fiber Optic Fire Sights offer shooters unmatched open sight visibility in low light settings. The fiber optic rods built into every Williams™ Fire Sight Set gather ambient light and reflect it back to your eye, enabling faster target acquisition. Williams™ Fire Sights do not use artificial light sources to create their sight visibility, making them legal to use in states that do not allow artificial light sources on your firearm while hunting. 

This Williams™ Fire Sight Set 70996 fits the following firearms:

  • Desert Eagle

The Williams™ Fire Sight Set 70996 DOES NOT fit any other firearms than those listed above.

Customer Reviews

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Have a File ready.

The Desert eagle is a large pistol and the original sights are the width of the slide. These are not. Simmilar to 1911 bo-mar style.
So they look small and do not fill the dovetail.
The metal is soft. The rear sight needs to be fitted to \"almost\" slide into the dovetail otherwise you WILL deform the base of the sight.
(I know)
The front was sized real close.Just tapped in
I would rether have steel but these are not priced as such.
Im leary that these will hold up to 50AE.
Time will tell.
For the price they are ok

Only adjustable sight option

As stated in the previous review, these sights are made from aluminum and are easy to deform when drifting with a punch. The front sight is too low, I ran out of elevation adjustment when sighting-in - hitting about 4\"-5\" high at 20 yds. with the rear sight fully depressed. This may be because they tried to match the height of the factory front sight.