Williams® Universal Muzzleloader See-Through Scope Mount - 70106

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The Williams® Universal Muzzleloader See Through Scope Mounts offer one-piece construction with innovative sub-mounting bases. Designed and drilled to fit most muzzleloading rifle screw configurations, the easy-on, easy-off mounting rings allow stress-free removal from your rifle to clean, yet retain a tactical zero on your scope. The scope mounts are both compact and lightweight, and will not alter the balance of your rifle.

The Williams® Sight-Thru™ Mounts provide instant use of a scope above, or iron sights below. The 2-piece ring and base mounts are precision machined to fit all one-inch scope tubes and are completely rigid and shock proof. Finally, these streamlined mounts come powder-coated with a hard, black anodized finish. For fast, accurate sighting under all field conditions, trust the Williams® Universal Scope Mounts. You won’t be disappointed.

***Accommodates 44mm objective scopes and under.