Warne™ 25in-lb T-15 Torque Wrench

Brand: Warne

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Warne™ 25in/lb T-15 Torque Wrench

The Warne™ 25in/lb T-15 Torque Wrench is built for Warne by California Torque Products. This tool allows the shooter to precisely tighten the Torx style screws to Warne’s recommended torque setting of 25 in/lb. The simple break away design lets the operator know when the proper torque has been reached.

Designed for both bases* and rings, the Warne™ 25in/lb T-15 Torque Wrench is a must have when installing or re-installing Warne mounting systems. Do Not Use on aluminum receivers, as you may over torque an strip out the receiver.


  • T-15 Torx bit – non-interchangeable
  • Preset at 25in/lb
  • Designed for Warne rings and bases
  • Not for use on aluminum receiver firearms