Tricer® GTP-RS Attachable Tripod/Bipod Legs - 2.8 oz Each


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Tricer® is an innovator in the backcountry tripod market. Striving to reduce tripod weight as much as absolutely possible their innovative designs have revolutionized the tripod for the serious backcountry hunter or photographer.

The Tricer® GTP-RS legs are designed to attach to any of the Tricer Tripods or Bipods if you prefer to have a designated leg system. These legs are designed to be as light as possible while still offering stability and durability.

The GTP-RS legs feature removable rubber caps revealing a pointed carbide end for tough terrain. The best part of the GTP-RS legs is their size, unlike any other tripod attachment leg on the market, these legs can literally fit in your pocket for easy and lightweight storage.