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The Traditions® Nitride Pursuit™ G4 Ultralight is a feature-packed muzzleloader that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. This gun weighs in at just over 5 pounds, and is equipped with a tapered 26" Ultralight Chromoly barrel. The Chromoly barrel paired with the LT-1 Alloy frame allows for a balanced feel, with an etremely lightweight platform. 

The Nitride Pursuit™ G4 features a wider fore stock to fit better in your hands. With the integrated grips and wider fore stock, this gun is sure to stay firm in your hands in the toughest weather conditions. The Traditions™ Pursuit Nitride rifle features a nitride treated chromoly steel barrel that's meant to take the Pursuit rifle to a new level—making it the closest thing to a “corrosion-proof” muzzleloader that has ever been developed. The technique used to treat the barrels is known as Salt Bath Nitride. Already used in military applications, the nitride process hardens the outer layer of steel, making it more durable and more corrosion resistant than chrome—which was previously the highest standard in bore toughening techniques. Unlike exterior ceramic coatings, the nitride process penetrates the outside and the inside of the barrel, and can withstand thousands of shots.

The Pursuit™ G4 in Nitride also features a Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle. This Quick-T™ functions like a palm saver and t-handle all in one, making it easier and more comfortable to load your rifle. The Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle simply screws on the end of your ramrod, allowing you to easily clean and load your muzzleloaderds. When not in use, the Quick-T™ simply slides on your ramrod for convenient storage.