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The Full Camo Traditions® PA Pellet™ Flintlock is loaded with features and is Traditions most popular hunting flintlock. The PA Pellet™ is the only flintlock muzzleloader capable of firing both loose powder and easy-to-use pellets thanks to the addition of the removable Accelerator Breech Plug. This breech plug incorporates incredibly consistent in-line ignition, in a traditional side-lock platform. Removing the rear breech plug makes cleaning this flintlock as easy as with modern in-line muzzleloaders. 

The Traditions® PA Pellet™ Flintlock is not a typical flintlock muzzleloader, with both the stock and barrel hydro-dipped in Realtree Xtra. The 26” camo octagonal barrel is equipped with Williams™ fiber optic metal sights. The solid aluminum ramrod features a brass loading jag and a premium blued finish. A stronger, improved hardened frizzen produces a solid, dependable spark and ignition. 

The PA Pellet™ Accelerator has been built to accomodate the hunters that need a flintlock, but want to use today's modern pelletized powder. This muzzleloader appeals to the novices and veterans alike, with the flintlock ingnition and removable breech plug. Gone are the days of soaking your barrel in a tub of soapy water to remove residue. Now, with the Traditions™ PA Pellet™, hunters are now able to remove the breech plug and clean this muzzleloader with the simplicity of today's modern inlines.