Thor™ Bullet Sizing Pack - .500 to .503 Diameter

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The Thor™ Bullet is a patented, full bore diameter, bullet conical that is bore size specific. Being 100% copper, the Thor™ Bullet is not soft like lead, and will not size to the bore like lead bullets when loading. As a result, these bullets require sizing to ensure a perfect fit for your bore. The Thor™ Muzzleloader Bullet sizing pack comes in .50 caliber with 4 diameters of .500", .501", .502" and .503". 

Before purchasing your first pack of Thor™ Bullets, you first need to order this test sizing pack which will allow you to correctly size your bore. It is important that you start with the smallest diameter Thor™ Bullet, and work your way up in diameter size until you find the proper fitting Thor™ Bullet for your muzzleloader.

To determine which bullet is best for your muzzleloader, start with an empty rifle, remove the breech plug, and slide in the .500 bullet. If it slips easily down the bore, you then try the .501 and so on.  When you find the diameter that requires about 20/30 ft./lbs. of force to push down the barrel (that is comparable to the resistance you get loading a standard sabot bullet), then that’s the correct size for your rifle. While manufacturers have similar bore diameters, they will vary .001”-.002" from gun to gun, so it is extremely important to correctly size your bore to determine which diameter works best for you. 

The Thor™ Bullets are a premium Barnes bullet with proven technology. The bullet’s hollow base expands when the powder goes off, both gripping the rifling and sealing the bore. If it is a quality conical you are looking for that won’t fragment into a million pieces, the conical Thor™ Bullet is the way to go.