Thompson Center Strike™ Leupold® Scope Package - Black 10291LS

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The Armor Black Thompson Center® Strike™ Muzzleloader Package comes with the top-of-the-line Leupold® 3-9x40mm UlitmateSlam™ S.A.B.R scope. This scope was specifically designed for muzzleloading and gives you hold points from 50 to 300 yards. The package includes Matte Black Scope rings that mount seamlessly to the factory installed Weaver scope base. This is the best muzzleloading package that money can buy.

*** Package comes mounted and bore-sighted

The Armor Black Thompson Center® Strike™ Muzzleloader is built to last. Offered by one of the biggest names in muzzleloading, this rifle includes revolutionary features such as the Adapt™ Breech System that innovatively moves the breeching threads to the outside of the barrel. Conventional breeching systems have internal threads that are culpable for most breech plug seizures. The Adapt™ Breech system allows you to adapt your breech plug for your specific propellant, whether it be loose or pelletized. Not only are the threads external, a thread-less 209 ignition primer adapter replaces the rifle's breech plug, thus allowing you to clean the barrel completely from breech to muzzle with nothing left behind. 

This Strike™ Muzzleloader Rifle sports a durable, handsome, black composite stock and comes standard with Armornite™ corrosion protectant. Amornite™ is unique and revolutionary in that its’ coating components completely protects the interior and exterior of the barrel. Unlike ceramic coatings, Armornite™ infuses into the metal components of the barrel and leaves no exposed carbon steel on your rifle. Being applied to the inside of the barrel, it improves accuracy by not allowing corrosion and pitting build up, and thus preventing wear. Not only does this increase accuracy, it extends the life of your rifle. 

The T/C® 24-inch Strike Barrel features a 1:28 twist barrel that provides optimal magnum performance. The rifle comes with a Match-Grade Trigger, which adds a smooth-breaking light pull that results in consistency and accuracy with each shot. Along with the patented Stealth Striker™ Cocking System, this muzzleloader is sure to impress. One of the unique new features of the Strike™ Muzzleloader is the innovative Multi-Tool. This tool is not only a wrench, but also a cleaning tool and Palm Saver range rod all rolled up in one.


At Thompson Center, customer service is paramount. Every Strike™ Rifle you purchase is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by skilled gun makers, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Their vastly experienced staff guarantees your rifle is one you will be proud to own and hand down for generations.


Every Thompson Center™ rifle you purchase is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by skilled gun makers. Their highly experienced staff guarantees your rifle is something you will be proud to own and will be able to hand down for generations.