Thompson Center™ T17® Muzzleloading Breech Plug Wipes 50 Pack - 7541

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The Thompson Center™ T17® Muzzleloading Breech Plug Wipes are designed to quickly remove caked-on fouling and grease from Muzzleloader breech plugs. Non-removal of breech plug fouling can lead to corrosion of the plug and your rifle’s barrel. The Breech Plug Wipes effectively clean fouling from between the individual breech plug threads. The T17® Wipes work great for rifles using traditional black powder and most black powder substitutes. 

T-17® Products are specifically formulated for use to clean away fouling from Pyrodex®, Blackhorn 209® & Triple Seven powders. The Breech Plug Wipes wipes come in a 50 count, re-sealable jar, and are guaranteed to save time and effort in cleaning the breech of your rifle.

 **Always use caution when loading firearm