Thompson Center™ T17® Firearm Wipes - 50 Pack - 7493

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Thompson Center™ T-17® Firearm Wipes are scientifically designed to coat your firearm with a micro-layer of corrosion protectant. This thinly coated, protective layer is able to withstand the corrosive effects of any black powder fouling. The T17® Wipes are at their best when used prior to hunting in foul weather, but are just as handy for a quick clean between shots, or when leaving the field or range before complete cleaning.

The T/C™ T17® Firearm Wipes keep your firearm in like-new, factory condition. The Firearm Wipes come in a 50 pack, re-sealable plastic case. If you are looking for an excellent product that is simple, ready to use and works as advertised, the Thompson Center™ Firearm Wipes are the ticket.

***Always use caution when loading firearm