Thompson Center™ T17® Blackpowder Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit - 7530

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The Thompson Center™ T17® Black Powder Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit is made for .50 caliber Muzzleloader Rifles. To ensure a clean fire every shot, plus get the greatest results in the field or at the range, the Blackpowder Muzzleloading Cleaning Kit contains the essentials you need.

Specifically formulated to clean and protect your muzzleloader, the T17® Blackpowder Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit includes: a 3-Piece Aluminum Range Rod with molded Handle that works with barrels up to 32? in length, a ¾-oz. tube of T17® Natural Lube 1000 Plus, a 2-oz. bottle of T17® Bore Cleaner/Powder Solvent, 2 packets of T17® Breech Plug Grease, a Bronze Bore Brush, a Cotton Bore Swab, a Cleaning Jag and 20 Dry Cleaning Patches.

The Thompson Center® T-17® Blackpowder Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit is the fundamental cleaning kit for both the new and seasoned Blackpowder Muzzleloader shooter. Clean your Muzzleloader quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be set to go on that Blackpowder journey in a split second.

***Always use caution when loading firearm