Thompson Center™ T17® Black Powder Bore Cleaner Solvent 8 oz - 7488

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The Thompson Center™ T17® Black Powder Bore Solvent is specially formulated to clean and neutralize the harmful fouling left in the bore from Triple Seven® and other black powder substitutes. The T17® solvent also assists in removing plastic, copper and lead deposits that could affect the accuracy of your rifle.

The Black Powder Bore Solvent leaves a micro-thin layer of protectant in your rifle’s bore to prevent rust and corrosion, and makes rifle loading a breeze. Active ingredients in the T17® solvent penetrate even the most caked-on fouling to help restore the bore of your rifle to like-new condition.  The Black Powder Solvent comes in a handy, 8 oz.  squeeze bottle.

***Always use caution when loading firearm