Thompson Center™ Rip Cord Speed Loader - 200 Grain Capacity - 9613

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The Thompson Center™ Rip Cord Loader holds your backup charge in a quick, convenient, pull away speed loader. The Rip Cord Loader conveniently attaches to your belt, suspenders or pack. Simply pull the tube away from its top and insert your charge into the barrel. The end of the Rip Cord Speed Loader houses a 209 capper for instant priming, as well as an insert for a spare.

Constructed of Bio-Flex, a special medical-grade silicone material designed to withstand frigid conditions and still be pliable, this speed loader is extremely durable. The .50 caliber magnum loader can hold 1 sabot or belted bullet, four 50 grain powder pellets and two 209 primers. Thompson Center™ Rip Cord Speed Loader is clearly a must-have muzzleloader accessory.