Thompson Center™ Replacement #11 Nipple - 1-4 X 28 Threads

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The Thompson Center® #11 Percussion Nipple is fabricated with durable 1/4 x 28 threads. The stainless steel, percussion nipple ignition system assures a strong spark to ignite your powder quickly and efficiently.

The T/C® Replacement Nipple is designed for use with #11 Percussion Caps. The nipples are made of stainless steel, and are precision machined to be durable for the long term. The replacement nipple fits most Thompson Center® Cap Lock Rifles, except the Cherokee™ & Seneca™ Rifles. This nipple also fits many Thompson Center® Inlines, except for the Encore™ 209x50, T/C® Scout™, Omega™ and Triumph™ Models.