Thompson Center™ Ramrod Accessories Pack - .45 or .50 Caliber

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The Thompson Center™ Ramrod Accessories Pack provides the essentials you need to clean your Muzzleloader quickly and efficiently. The ramrod accessories pack comes in your choice of .45 or .50 caliber accessories that thread directly onto your ramrod or range rod for convenient use.

To ensure your Muzzleloader is in prime shooting order, as well as reaching your best results in the field or at the range, The T/C™ Ramrod Accessory Kit is the one to help get you there. The Thompson Center™ Ramrod Accessory Pack comes complete with a .45 or .50 caliber specific bronze bore brush, cotton bore swab, super cleaning jag, patch worm, patch puller, ball and bullet puller, plus aluminum alignment tool. 

The T/C® .45 or .50 caliber Ramrod Accessory Kit is the perfect cleaning kit for both the new and seasoned muzzleloader hunter. A combination of the most popular ramrod accessories in one handy pack, this Ramrod Accessory Kit gives you all you need and more. 

**Made for .45 & .50 Caliber Muzzleloaders