Thompson Center™ Premium Agate Flints - 3-Pack

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Thompson Center™ Premium Agate Flints will out shine and out perform standard flints by producing at least twice the number of strikes. When you are hunting with your Flintlock, you never want to miss the opportunity of a great shot because of failed ignition. These Agate Flints produce more consistent, longer sparks, which is the reason many of the best international muzzleloader shooters use them. The quality Agate Flints come three in a pack, and are hands down the finest striking stones available. 

Loading is easy. Simply wrap the flint in a piece of leather and place it into the jaws of the hammer. Press the flint against the upper jaw, while tightening the top jaw screw. For maximum spark, be sure to keep the sharp edge up on top of the jaws when securing the flint. As always, it’s a good idea to carry extra flints with you in the field.