Thompson Center™ Hunters Choice Muzzleloader Accessory Kit - 7101

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The Thompson Center® Hunters Choice Accessory Kit provides all of the essential accessories to load, shoot, and clean your muzzleloader plus a sixty minute DVD, "World of Muzzleloading". The DVD includes instructions and tips on cleaning, sighting-in and developing shooting loads, plus exciting footage of eight actual black powder hunts.

The complete Cleaning Kit Includes: a Lightweight T-Handle Short Starter/Ramrod Extension, 10 .50 cal. ShockWave® Sabots with 250 gr. ShockWave® Bullets, a Flex Loader™ for Easy Field Carry of Prepared Loads, a 4-oz. Bottle of Number 13® Bore Cleaner, 50 2-1/2" Cotton Patches, 25 2-1/2" All-Natural Seasoning Patches, a .23-oz. Tube of Super Lube, a Universal Loading Tip/Jag and Breech Brush. To keep your Muzzleloader in prime condition, the Thompson Center® Hunters Choice Accessory Kit fits the bill.

***Always use caution when loading firearm