Thompson Center™ Deluxe Wooden Bullet Starter - For .45 to .58 Caliber

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The 4-inch Hardwood Thompson Center® Deluxe Bullet Starter is similar to the standard model except that it offers the added feature of a "palm saver". The Deluxe Starter features a hole in the knob end that can be placed over the end of the ramrod when seating bullets. This feature offers protection to the hand and is particularly helpful when a number of shots are being fired, or when a tight fitting ball or bullet is difficult to seat. Bullet starters are a must for the shooter or hunter keen on maximizing their accuracy. The starter is designed to ensure your bullets or balls are not damaged during loading, plus the aerodynamic integrity of the bullet is protected for maximum accuracy.

The Thompson Center® Wooden Bullet Starter comes with concave brass ends that engage the bullet at either the base of the ball or around the tip of the conical. Projectiles can be loaded without damaging the bullet, ensuring that the perfect bullet you start down the barrel stays that way until it hits the target. This well-constructed Wooden Bullet Starter is an essential accessory to make loading your rifle quickly and easily.