Thompson Center™ Basic Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit - 7333

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The Thompson Center™ Basic Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit is designed for cleaning and conditioning your Muzzleloader Rifle. To ensure a clean fire every shot, plus get the greatest results from your rifle, the Basic Muzzleloading Cleaning Kit contains the simple essentials you need.

The field cleaning kit comes complete with No. 13™ Bore Cleaner Solvent that is all-natural and non-toxic, .50 cal. Extended Super Jag to attach to your ramrod, .50 cal. Bronze Bore Brush to remove caked-on fouling in your rifle bore, 2 ½-inch Dry Cleaning Patches and 2 ½-inch Seasoning Patches pre-treated with Natural Lube™ 1000 Plus.

For the basic items you need to clean your Muzzleloader in the field or at the range, the T/C™ Basic Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit is the kit of choice. Clean your Muzzleloader quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be set to go on another, exciting Muzzleloading adventure in a snap.

***Always use caution when loading firearm