Thompson Center® U-View Flex™ Loader - 3 Magnum Tubes

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The Thompson Center® U-View Flex™ Loader contains everything you’ll need for three backup muzzleloader shots, all in a compact, easy-to-tote carrier. The rugged Flex™ Loader holds three loading tubes, each capable of accommodating a magnum projectile and charge. When a back up charge is needed, a loading tube is pulled out of the holder and dumped down the bore pellets first, followed by the projectile.

The Flex™ Loader also holds four 209 shotshell primers, and has a lanyard hole to attach it to your possibilities bag or pouch. The Thompson Center® U-View Loader is constructed of Bio-Flex®, a special silicone material that remains pliable even in the most frigid conditions. Loading in the field doesn’t get any easier than this. The Flex™ Loader is designed for .50 Cal. or .45 Cal. rifles and accepts magnum charges of three Pyrodex® pellets with a bullet.