Thompson Center® Super Lube™ All Purpose Anti Seize Lube 1-2 oz - 7362

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The Thompson Center® Super Lube™, All-Purpose, Anti-Seize Lube is a hard working, synthetic, Teflon®-based lubricant that seals the threads of any muzzleloader breech plug, as well as shotgun choke tubes and other actions. The T/C® Anti-Seize Lube is designed to withstand explosive temperatures, while preventing fouling or powder residue from binding your breech plug.

The T/C® Super Lube™ also serves to protect the breech plug threads and other metal surfaces from corrosion. The Thompson Center® Anti-Seize Super Lube™ comes in a handy 1/2oz. tube for easy application.

***Always use caution when loading firearm