Thompson Center® Maxi-Ball™ Bullets - 370 Grain

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The Thompson Center™ Maxi-Ball bullet features superb accuracy and easy loading, with the added benefit of maximum expansion on deer and elk size game. Since this bullet is offered in 320 grains, the ballistics are more than capable to take any deer or elk sized game out of modern or traditional muzzleloaders. The Maxi-Balls are perfect for states like Oregon and Idaho, which feature tough bullet restrictions during muzzleloader seasons. Also, this bullet is a great option for traditional muzzleloaders, and will shoot well out of both fast and slow twist barrels. Thompson Center Maxi-Ball bullets are pre-lubed with Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter™ that eliminates the need to wipe the bore clean between shots saving you time and energy.

For the ultimate knock-down power, superior accuracy, high muzzle velocity, and optimal expansion on deer and elk sized game, Thompson Center™ Maxi-Ball bullets are a bargain for the price.