Thompson Center® 4-in-1 Quickshot™ Loader .50 Caliber Magnum - 2-Pack

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The Thompson Center® 4-in-1 Quickshot™ Loader is designed to make bullet case reloading a simple, rapid process for any magnum load and bullet. The sturdy design makes measuring your powder charge and loading your bullet a snap. The 4-in-1 quickshot loader features two compartments, one for powder or pellets and one for your bullet. Both compartments are sealed by durable plastic caps. The loader features a bullet starter to help you avoid knuckle brazing while loading and a 209 primer recess at the top.

The .50 caliber magnum loaders can be used as a bullet starter, powder container, palm saver and two compartment quick-loader. These loaders hold pre-measured powder charges up to 150 grains of black powder or Pyrodex® equivalent or three Pyrodex® 50 grain equivalent pellets.