T-C® Strike™ & LHR® Redemption™ 209 Primer Pellet Adapter - 5295

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The Thompson Center® Strike™ 209 Primer Pellet Adapting Plug is designed to provide the ultimate performance of the Adaptive Breech System when using pelletized black powder or pelletized Pyrodex substitutes. The Adapter is designed specifially for pelletized propellants and allows the powder to ignite more efficiently, while ultimately giving you more accurate and precise groupings. 

The pelletized powder adapter will fit all LHR® Redemption rifles as well. The T/C Strike's Adapt System is designed to be optimized for your propellant style of choice. This Adapter is designed for use with pelletized powder "ONLY". 

***Breech adapter fits all T/C Strike and LHR Redemption models