T-C® Shock Wave™ Bonded Core Bullets w- Super Glide Sabots - 250-300 Grains-300 Grain

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The Thompson Center® Shockwave™ Bonded Core Bullet with Super Glide™ Sabot is revolutionary in sabot design. Manufactured precisely to exacting tolerances, using state of the art, space-age synthetic materials, the Super Glide™ is the first sabot that can be loaded easily with one hand. A little under-sized to go down the barrel simply and seat with ease, the two petal design supports the bullet for optimal rotational stability, and breaks away when exiting the muzzle for match grade accuracy. 

These bonded core bullets deliver deep penetration and a dynamic, devastating wound no matter what the range, expanding to over twice the original diameter. The bonded core bullet with the thicker jacket means the bullet will stay together when driven through the stout shoulders of deer, elk, moose or bear.

Four petal sabots don’t match the accuracy of the Super Glide™ Sabot, as these sabots are designed to withstand the high pressures of magnum loads. The Shockwave™ polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient for sustained velocity down range, and facilitates rapid expansion that delivers destructive penetration upon impact. Plus the bullets provide an efficient and convenient setup that eliminates any fumbling when trying to load or reload in the field.

The Thompson Center® Shockwave™ Bullets are the best bullet on the market for muzzleloader hunters. If you are struggling to get the bullet down the barrel of your Muzzleloader, plus want a phenomenal bullet that produces great groupings with definitive knockdown power, this Shockwave™ Boned Core Bullet with Super Glide™ Sabot is the bullet for you.