Sitka® Ascent Hunting-Shooting Glove - Subalpine Camo

Brand: Ochocos Outdoors, Inc.

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Sitka® Ascent Glove

The Sitka® Ascent Glove is a high tech, lightweight technical shooting glove that is designed to protect the hand and offer superior dexterity and versatility. The Sitka® Ascent Glove features a printed Ax Suede™ synthetic palm that allows for excellent grip traction and durability as well as being an ultra quite material allowing you to use your hands in silence, without your gloves making noise. The index finger and thumb of the glove are equipped with conductive technology that allows for the use of touch screen devices such as your smartphone and GPS without having to remove the glove. The back of the glove is constructed of Codura/nylon that gives the glove excellent breathability and durability. The Sikta® Ascent Glove is designed to keep moister wicked away from your hands to keep you comfortable and out in the woods for longer durations of time. 

The technology that is put into every Sitka® product has revolutionized hunting, offering hunters much lighter gear that performs how you need it to, keeping your body at the optimal temperature no matter what the conditions are outside. This allows for much longer stays out in the field which dramatically increases your chances of success no matter your pursuit. 

Camo Pattern Applications:

  • Subalpine - Ideal For Ground Ambush/Spot & Stalk Hunting