Remington 700™ Scope Mount - Medium Height

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Remington™ has combined innovative design and outstanding heavy-duty materials to give you the best quality rings and bases on the market today. The Remington™ Model 700™ is known for consistent accuracy, and this ring and base system will ensure that you get the most out of your rifle. A precision two-piece system means fewer adjustments that can affect your accuracy. The molded Z-2 Alloy ensures better ring alignment to grip your scope tighter with less stress on the scope tube.

As every serious hunter or shooter knows, scope mounts are the critical link between a firearm and its optics. Sacrificing quality here can virtually destroy a rifle’s potential for accuracy. The Remington™ Scope Mounting Systems are known for performance, durability, and value. All Remington™ Scope Mounts are manufactured in the USA, using a proprietary Z-2 alloy material, which is 50% stronger than the aluminum used in conventional mounting systems. With these scope mounts, your Remington™ Model 700 can perform up to the highest standards. 

***Accommodates 44mm objective scopes and under.