Remington™ 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader Casings

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The Remington® 700 Ultimate™ Muzzleloader uses an all-new UML ignition system, which fires a magnum rifle primer through a uniquely-sized, primed, brass magnum rifle casing that is push fed into the breech plug, creating an airtight seal for a flawless ignition. The patented breech plug accepts the rim of the brass rifle casing to create a perfect seal. When the primer detonates, the flame ignites up to 200 grains of powder in the barrel and burns it completely, creating optimal energy ignition for increased range, velocity and optimal performance.

Experience centerfire-like performance and accuracy with the Remington 700 UML casings. With the correct reloading equipment, these brass casings can be re-primed after firing with a set of .308 dies. Remington brass casings are easy to handle in the field, and come pre-primed in a package of 24, ready to fire.