Remington® MZL™ Muzzleloader Bore Cleaner Solvent (4 oz)

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The Remington™ MZL Bore Cleaning Solvent is designed to keep you firearm in premium condition. Fabricated for use in all muzzleloaders, the MZL™ solvent makes cleaning your barrel simple while effectively removing fouling and reducing overall cleaning time. 

The MZL™ Bore Solvent comes in an easy to dispense 4 oz tube. The Remington MZL™ Bore Cleaner is designed to remove carbon and plastic fouling from the inside of the barrel and is 100% safe for all muzzleloader bores. Designed for quick, easy barrel cleaning at home or at the range, or take the solvent with you for on-the-go cleaning to preserve the durability of your firearm.