PowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets - 300 Grain

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PowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets are revolutionary in their performance and design. The Aerolite is specifically designed for 100 grain propellant charges, and unlike the sabots, these bullets are full caliber in size. The Aerolite is longer in length, thus creating better flight stability and allowing it to shoot flatter. PowerBelt™ Bullets leave little plastic residue behind and can be shot up to eight times before the recommended barrel swab is required. They are extremely easy to load due to their .001” under bore diameter. PowerBelt's patented snap-on on base gas seal eliminates gas blow by, and gives you the optimal flight performance and down range accuracy you desire. 

PowerBelt™ manufactures over 7 milllion muzzleloader bullets every year, making them the largest muzzleloading bullets manufacturer in the world.