NW Traditions® Vortek StrikerFire LDR

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NW Traditions® Vortek StrikerFire LDR

Traditions® introduces the NW Traditions® Vortek StrikerFire LDR (Long Distance Rifle) as the next revolution in muzzleloading. This rifle represents the first new innovation in the muzzleloading industry in several years. In development since 2008, this patent-pending rifle takes in-line muzzleloaders to the next level by removing the need for an external hammer and replacing it with an internal StrikerFire™ System. 

The StrikerFire™ system works on the same principle as modern center-fire rifle safeties. To cock the gun, simply slide the striker button forward until it locks, then fire. The recessed de-cocking button allows for quick and quiet de-cocking of the firearm. The gun also comes equipped with an automatic de-cocking mechanism, so when the gun is opened, it is automatically de-cocked. By eliminating the external hammer you get faster lock times, plus the ability to mount your scope closer to the bore, allowing the gun to operate with less weight and streamlining the alignment when shouldering for quick target acquisition.

Traditions™ equipped the Northwest StrikerFire™ LDR with some additional features. The NW StrikerFire™ is outfitted with a TAC2™ two-stage trigger that is set at 2 pounds and is creep free. It also comes with the Stow-N-Go removable butt pad. This allows the butt pad to be removed with the press of a button for convenient storage inside the stock. This gun also includes the NEW Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle. It functions like a palm saver and T-handle all in one, making it easier and more comfortable to load your rifle. The Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle has a T-shaped piece with brass jag you can screw in, allowing your ramrod to function like a cleaning rod. The Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle sits on your ramrod when it is in the storage position on your rifle. 

The Northwest StrikerFire™ LDR also features a premium CeraKote finish, Soft-Touch Realtree™ Xtra Camo stock, one-piece NW Legal Accelerator Breech Plug™ that allows you to fire both loose or pelletized powder without changing the breech plug, a Dual Safety System, and Speed Load System that enables easier loading and more consistent groupings. The rifle will stand out at the range with tight shots groupings beyond 200 yards.

The Traditions™ Northwest Vortek Strickerfire™ LDR is the Northwest magnum model that is legal for hunting in the Northwest States (Oregon, Idaho, and Washington) with breech and nipple restrictions. A quality firearm offering accuracy and consistency in performance, balanced with easy use and maintenance. The rifle is exceptionally well machined, meticulously finished, and best of all, value priced.