Muzzle-Loaders Brass Powder Measure - 120 Grain Capacity

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The™ Brass Powder Measure makes loading your muzzleloader easy and consistent. The convenient all-brass funnel swivels to perfectly level off your powder each time, giving you more consistent, accurate loads.

This durable powder measure can handle up to 120 grains of blackpowder or Pyrodex™ propellant. The measure features solid brass construction that won't cause spark, and works well with all muzzleloading rifles.

***Always use caution when loading a firearm


1. Loosen the knurled locking screw on the side of the measure.

2. Slide the adjustment bar downward to the charge setting desired. Each set is in 10-grain volumetric increments.

3. Tighten the locking screw to maintain setting.

4. Open the funnel swivel to the side.

5. Fill the measure with powder poured from flask

6. Return the funnel swivel to cut off and level the powder charge.

7. Place funnel spout into the muzzle. Pour powder into the muzzle.

8. Tap powder measure lightly to ensure all powder is out of the measure.

***Never smoke while loading or handling blackpowder or pyrodex. Ensure your muzzleloader is unloaded before loading.

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Mr Goble
Brass Powder Measure

Great product and reasonably priced. Very fast & free shipping!!