Muzzle-Loaders Brass Powder Flask - 1350 Grain Capacity - MZ1400

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The™ Brass Powder Flask makes loading your muzzleloader easy and consistent. The convenient all-brass funnel holds a consistent 30 grains of powder, giving you more consistent, accurate loads. This durable measure can handle up to 3 ounces or 1350 grains of loose black powder or Pyrodex™ propellants.

The Muzzle-Loaders Powder Flask is designed with solid brass construction and won't cause any spark.

*Always use caution when loading a firearm



1. Unscrew one end cap of the flask.

2. Holding the open end of the flask upright, carefully pour propellant into the flask.

3. Fill the flask with the desired amount of powder. reinstall the cap back onto the open end of the flask.


1. Turn flask upside down with spout downward.

2. Press thumb release to dispense powder.

3. Pour propellant from the flask into a powder measure pre-set for the desired charge.

4. When the measure is filled, release the spring-loaded spout to close flask.

***DO NOT overfill the flask with powder. NEVER smoke while handling blackpowder or Pyrodex. NEVER pour powder directly from a flask into the muzzle.


Specifications/Options MZ1400
Durable Brass Construction PREMIUM GRADE BRASS
Universal Application
Funnel Capacity 30 GRAINS
Flask Capacity 1350 GRAINS (3 OUNCES)



30 Grain Spout

For quick and convenient measurements®

Quality Muzzleloader Parts & Products

Premium Brass Construction

Durable, high-quality, non-static brass

Large Capacity Flask

Designed to hold up to 1350 grains


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