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Montana X-Treme® Solvent Pipette Dispensers are convenient, all plastic, disposable eye-droppers that make it easy to apply solvents and oils to your patch and firearm without making a mess. Perfect for measuring, transferring and application of liquid products, the no-drip design allows you to precisely place oil into tight areas. Micro- droplets ensure just the right amount of oil for every cleaning job.

These handy little pipettes allow you to place oil or chemicals just where you need them. Simple to use, and simple to clean with a bit of solvent, they are a necessary part of any bench. The Montana X-Treme® Pipettes come in a package of eight, containing four - 5.5” x 3 ml graduated pipettes, two - 4.6” x 1.5 ml graduated pipettes and two - 4.1” x 1.5 ml fine tipped pipettes.