Montana X-Treme® Copper Cream 6 oz Liquid - 07025

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The Montana X-Treme® Copper Cream is a thicker based bore cleaner that quickly removes stubborn fouling including copper, lead, plastic wad residue and powder fouling. Copper Cream makes quick work of gun barrels that are hard to clean, plus is non-embedding and non-abrasive on barrel metals.  When used in combination with Copper Killer, Copper Cream helps speed new barrel break-in. 

Copper Cream does not contain protective oils like the Montana X-Treme® solvents. DO NOT leave Copper Cream in your barrel for an extended period of time, and remove all residues with a saturated solvent patch. You won’t believe how much more fouling can come out of a rifle barrel until you’ve tried X-treme® Copper Cream.

***Always use caution when loading firearm