Montana Decoy™ Snow Goose Combo - 12 Pack of Goose Decoys

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Montana Decoy™ Snow Goose Decoy Combo

The Montana Decoy™ Snow Goose Combo Decoy Set is the ultimate decoy system for waterfowler hunters looking for a portable and super realistic set of snow geese decoys. These decoys are perfect for the hunter with limited space to store decoys or is tired of hauling heavy and bulky decoys around. The Goose Decoy Combo can add a dimension of realism to the decoys you already own. The Snow Goose Combo is the portable, realistic and versatile decoying addition to any goose hunter's arsenal. The combo comes with 3D, top view and side view decoys, you are maximizing the best of each pose, letting the decoys work for you.

Each package contains 12 decoys, including:

3D Snow Goose x 3

The lightweight fabric and detailed feather cuts of the 3D Snow Goose mimics movement in the most subtle of breezes. It compresses to a compact 10-inch disc and pops up to full size in seconds. Perfect Pose Technology™ allows you to set it up in a feeding or looking pose and fine-tune the position of the head.  

Top View Snow Goose x 6

The twist-top ground stake of the Top View Snow Goose secures the decoy, yet still allows it to move naturally. It’s view is totally unique decoy to the waterfowl market, and will add another dimension to any spread.

Side View Snow Goose x 3

Like the other decoys in this combo pack, the Side View stores flat, sets up in seconds and matches the realism only an HD photo can capture. It will turn on the stake, simulating walking and feeding motions, and is sure to convince any geese overhead that what they see below is real.