Montana Decoy™ Purr-Fect Pair 3D Turkey Decoys

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Montana Decoy™ Purr-Fect Pair 3D Turkey Decoys

The Montana Decoy™ Purr-Fect Pair is a combination of two of the most popular decoys in the Montana Decoy lineup. Earlier in the season, turkeys are trying to establish dominance over other gobblers. The combination of the Miss Purr-Fect decoy in the breeding pose and the Jake Purr-Fect decoy behind her is enough to fire up any big tom. This setup is perfect for those hesitant gobblers that are hung up just outside of shooting range. This pair of 3D turkey decoys is a great value and effective combination in just about any situation. The benefit of having both decoys means that you can use them individually, or together in a spread.

The Montana Decoy™ Miss Purr-Fect turkey decoy is constructed of spring steel, with a printed fabric exterior. This decoy is printed from an actual photo of a hen in the wild, which is then placed on the fabric, in a unique way to create a lifelike look that will fool any tom. The fabric has small slits cut into it to allow the decoy to move in the wind, but also act like real feathers. The Miss Purr-Fect is the ultimate 3D turkey decoy, with a total weight of just over 1 pound, including the pole, this decoy will fold to a compact 9"x 12" size. When unfolded, the Miss Purr-Fect measures 9"x 32" and can be set on the ground for a breeder pose, or on the stake for either a looking or feeding pose.

The Montana Decoy™ Jake Purr-Fect is also constructed of spring steel, with a printed fabric exterior. The integrated cuts in the fabric act like real feathers, and combined with the red head and short beard, this jake decoy looks extremely realistic, while still folding to a 10"x 13" size. When unfolded, the Jake Purr-Fect decoy expands to 10"x 35" size, and can be used with or without the included stake. 

This pair of turkey decoys is the perfect setup for almost any situation, whether the jake is used or not, and allows for several excellent decoy scenarios. When curious toms see the Purr-Fect Pair, they are sure to come running in and provide you with a chance of tagging out.