Montana Decoy™ Moose Rack

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Montana Decoy™ Moose Rack Decoy

The Montana Decoy™ Moose Rack Decoy was created through a collaborative effort with the Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice. The goal was to develop the most packable and effective moose rack decoy ever. The Montana Decoy™ Moose Rack folds down to the size of a saucer plate and sets up in seconds.

The Montana Decoy™ Moose Rack features a stalking handle that allows you to easily stalk with the decoy in hand, or use the shock cord system to also hang it on branches as you call. Whatever the situation, you’ll be prepared when you have the Moose Rack in your pack. Big bull moose will find this moose rack decoy of an inferior bull so infuriating that they’re likely to charge in.