Montana Decoy™ Miss Muley 2D Mule Deer Decoy

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Montana Decoy™ Miss Muley Decoy

The Montana Decoy™ Miss Muley is designed specifically for the avid mule deer hunter. In stalking situations, the life-size body of this doe mule deer decoy gives you cover when there isn’t much to go around. With the use of the Miss Muley, you will be able to get closer to deer in any terrain and situation. This decoy features a realistic pose that will grab the attention of any mule deer buck and offer a distraction as you stalk or prepare to take your shot. The photo-realistic body pops open in seconds and folds down to a compact size. 

The Miss Muley decoy comes with two poles that can either anchor the decoy or be used while stalking. The overall weight of this decoy is just under 2 pounds, including the poles. With the lightweight and compact design, there is no decoy to not have the Miss Muley decoy with you on your next outing.