Montana Decoy™ Freshman Buck Deer Decoy

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Montana Decoy™ Freshman Buck Decoy

The Montana Decoy™ Freshman Buck Deer Decoy attracts aggressive, dominate bucks. The Freshman Buck decoy features tied-back ears and an aggressive posture, inviting the challenge of a larger buck. Watch for yourself as older bucks run to put this young deer decoy in its place. The decoy can be used by itself or alongside one of Montana Decoy’s does to bring territorial bucks into range.

Decoy Features:

• Folds flat  and opens up to full size in seconds.
• Posture and size sends a challenge without intimidating bucks. 
• Puts an end to carrying bulky, cumbersome plastic decoys. 
• Compatible with the Quickstand

If you live for the heart pounding thrill of calling in aggressive bucks, you need this deer decoy. The Freshman Buck mimics a young buck with a big attitude, inviting a challenge from mature deer.