Montana Decoy™ Dreamy Doe - Deer Decoy

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Montana Decoy™ Dreamy Doe Decoy

The Montana Decoy™ Dreamy Doe Whitetail Decoy is hard for rutting bucks to pass up. This is one seductive decoy, making many avid hunters a believer in the use of decoying for big bucks. With its lightweight, durable design, and an extremely quick setup, this deer decoy is a game changer for any whitetail hunter. The Dreamy Doe is compatible with the Montana Decoy™ Quickstand.

The Dreamy Doe decoy is not only effective during the rut, it can be used as cover to spot-and-stalk whitetails in open terrain or around early and late season food sources to create a distraction while you settle your pin on the buck of your dreams. The Dreamy Doe decoy allows a hunter multiple positions. With decoy placed in a bedded position and combined with the Freshman or Whitetail Buck decoy you create the illusion of a doe in estrus that is sequestered by a buck.