Montana Decoy™ Dinner Belle 2D Hen Turkey Decoy

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Montana Decoy™ Dinner Belle 2D Turkey Decoy

The Montana Decoy™ Dinner Belle is a realistic, effective, and compact hen turkey decoy. This decoy works well on its own or paired up with a jake or tom decoy. The Dinner Belle decoy is designed to be lightweight and compact. The steel spring design allows this decoy to be reduced to an incredibly small size, which will fit easily in even a large jacket pocket. The feeding pose is more disarming to gobblers and allows for the leery toms to get in a few yards closer so you can make the shot. Montana Decoy turkey decoys are designed with HD photography, for the most lifelike decoy that you can find. 

The Montana Decoy™ Dinner Belle comes with a folding stake and folds up to a 6x9" size to fit in any pack with ease. When unfolded, this hen decoy is 29"x10" and weighs in at 8 ounces. Gone are the days of stuffing a large foam or rubber decoy into your pack, now you can carry a dozen 2D Montana Decoys™ and still have more room with less weight.