Lyman™ TacStar T6 Tactical Flashlight 150 Lumens

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Lyman™ TacStar T6 Tactical Flashlight 150 Lumens (6V LED) 

TacStar T6 Tactical Caliber Light with 150 Lumen is ideal for tactical use or home security. Features a precision knurled exterior of aircraft grade aluminum and double o-ring for a perfect grip. The unique tail switch allows intermittent or full-on mode.

No other 6 volt light exceeds brightness of the T6, with factory pre-set spot so powerful it can blind intruders on sight. Illuminates up to 150 yards in the dark. The TacStar T6 Tactical Flashlight also includes the featured water resistant, matte black anodized finish with rubber tail switch. Uses 2-3V Lithium batteries that come included.

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