Lyman™ TacStar AR-15 Adjustable Match Rifle Stock (AMRS)

Brand: TacStar

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Lyman™ TacStar AR-15 Adjustable Match Rifle Stock (AMRS)

Lyman produces everything under the sun when it comes to weapons accessories, and its TacStar brand produces some of the best tactical enhancements available. The new TacStar AR-15 Adjustable Match Rifle Stock, or AMRS, is sure to please shooters who want to turn their AR into a match or target rifle. The AMRS offers a full range of adjustments and features that can give any AR-15 (with A2 tube) a precisely adjustable Match-grade buttstock.

Both comb height and length of pull can be adjusted to provide a match-grade, custom fit for any shooter. Built with the TacStar quality that shooters rely on, the AR-15 ARMS also carries other important features like a hidden Picatinny rail for a stabilizing monopod. In addition, there are several sling mounting points including ports for push button quick release swivels (swivels not included) and fixed sling loops. The AR-15 ARMS is the easiest, most practical final upgrade for any AR, and it’s made in the United States—a requirement for many law enforcement agencies. 


  • Hidden Picatinny rail that accepts monopods
  • Push button quick release swivel ports, plus sling loops
  • Adjustable butt plate: Adjusts length of pull by 1"
  • Comb Height adjustable by .75" 
  • Weighs approximately 2.5 pounds

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