Lyman™ Pachmayr Winchester 70 Classic Wood Black 1 Bsk. Weave

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Lyman™ Pachmayr Winchester 70 Classic Wood Black 1 Bsk. Weave

The Lyman™ Pachmayr Winchester 70 Classic Wood Black 1 Bsk. Weave was originated by the experts at Pachmayr combining their decades of experience providing the world's leading gunmakers with factory recoil pads and the remarkable recoil-softening Decelerator material. These unique Pachmayr Decelerator® recoil pads provide superior recoil control and great looks and, best of all, you can install them yourself. Designed to fit within .050 inch tolerance on factory stocks, these pads will enhance the look and feel of the gun, improve your shooting performance to help you shoot tighter groups, bag more game or break more clay.