Lyman™ Pachmayr T-C G2 Contender Decelerator Grip

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Pachmayr™ T/C G2 Decelerator Grip

The Lyman™ Pachmayr T/C G2 Decelerator Grip provides outstanding control and recoil absorption for T/C's G2 Contender. The combination of Pachmayr's Decelerator® material and three compressible air pockets running along the backstrap make this the best grip available for controlling recoil in the powerful G2 Contender. The Decelerator material also creates a rubberized surface, giving shooters a slip-free grip in all shooting conditions, helping this grip to provide a secure, steady hold at the range or in the field. This specialty grip comes with a sling swivel stud, and like all Pachmayr grips, its stylish design makes the handgun look even better than the day it left the factory. It installs easily (no gunsmithing required) for a precision fit on the T/C G2 Contender.

  • Ultimate Combination of Function & Control
  • Decelerator Rubber For Grip & Recoil Reduction
  • Air Cushioned Backstrap
  • Includes Sling Swivel Stud