Lyman™ Pachmayr T-C Encore Decelerator Grip & Forend Set

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Pachayr™ T/C Encore Grip & Forend Set

The Lyman™ Pachmayr T/C Encore Decelerator Grip & Forend Set is an easy-to-install forend and grip set made to fit both the Thompson Center Encore and the ProHunter. This set provides an improved grip and helps to absorb recoil. This set delivers outstanding control and recoil reduction, using the proven Decelerator® material. Pachmayr has crafted a grip and forend that deliver a more secure, consistent, comfortable grip surface that can actually enhance accuracy, especially at the range when firing multiple shots.The softer forend provides for a secure, steady rest on any handy object in the field. Made with precision, this grip and forend set installs quickly and easily with a superior fit that is standard with Pachmayr. Maintain a consistent grip for improved accuracy with the Thompson/Center Encore Decelerator Grip and Forend. 

  • Secure, retail absorbing grip and forend
  • Decelerator technology
  • Deep checkered finish
  • Easy installation