Lyman™ Pachmayr T-C Encore Decelerator Grip

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Pachmayr™ T/C Encore Decelerator Grip

The Lyman™ Pachmayr T/C Encore Decelerator Grip is an easy-to-install grip made to fit both the Thompson/Center Encore and the ProHunter. This grip provides outstanding control and recoil reduction, using Pachmayr's proven Decelerator® material. Pachmayr has crafted a grip that delivers a more secure, consistent, comfortable grip surface that can actually enhance accuracy, especially at the range when firing multiple shots. Made with precision, this grip installs quickly and easily with a superior fit that is standard with Pachmayr. Maintain a consistent grip for improved accuracy with the Thompson/Center Encore Decelerator Grip. 

Technical Information

  • Secure, recoil absorbing grip
  • Decelerator technology
  • Deep checkered finish
  • Easy installation