Lyman™ Pachmayr S&W N Frame Smooth Wood Grips In "Charcoal"

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Lyman™ Pachmayr S&W N Frame Grips

Lyman™ Pachmayr S&W N Frame Smooth Wood Grips in "Charcoal" color provide the best of both style and function. The highly polished wood laminate panels have a beautiful smooth finish and have finger reliefs to provide excelent grip. The color and shape will provide a classic beauty to your S&W N Frame Revolver whether it is stainless steel or blued. Smooth grip reduces friction for easy concealed carry with minimal printing and snagging. Grip screw included.


  • Beautiful Wood With Highly Polished Finish and Smooth Grip Surface
  • Excelent Control With Smooth Grip and Finger Relief
  • Augment The Function And Appearance Of Your N Frame Revolver

Technical Information 

Fit: S&W N-Frame Round Butt

Material: Polished Laminate Wood