Lyman™ Pachmayr Rubber Grips w-Finger Reliefs For Beretta 92FS, 92G, & 96 Combat Pistols

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Lyman™ Pachmayr Beretta 92 & 96 Grips

Lyman™ Pachmayr Rubber Grips w/Finger Reliefs for Beretta 92FS, 92G, & 96 Combat Pistols feature Pachmayr's unique full wrap-around design and are made from rubber specially formulated for use on semi-automatic pistols. These grips are made of Pachmayr's specially blended rubber compounds, formulated to give you the long lasting, soft, unmistakably Pachmayr feel you expect. They provide the best recoil reduction, and are built with built-in steel inserts to ensure they maintain their shape. Signature Grips are a favorite of competitive shooters and law enforcement personnel alike. Get a Pachmayr™ Signature Grip for your Beretta 92FS, 92G, or 96 Combat Pistol today for a grip that improves comfort and performance.

Fits: Beretta 92FS, 92G, or 96 Combat

Technical Information

Material: Rubber & Steel

Color: Black